3 September 2015

A golden anniversary

What a busy summer preparing for and celebrating my parents 50th wedding anniversary this past weekend!

Between working in the garden

 And setting up everything for the party

And finally celebrating!

All 140 guests had a great time!

5 April 2015

Easter dessert

Here is a light dessert that worked really well after a heavier Easter meal:
Lemon mousse with Langue de chat

3 April 2015

Croissants class

What a pleasure to do this hands on class for such a talented student.
T. had the "feel" for the dough.

Here is the final product:

30 March 2015

Birthday celebration

I felt very honored to make this birthday cake for a 90 years young man.
Aranygaluska is the name, it's a traditional Hungarian cake.
Norman, the birthday boy, asked me if I could recreate a cake from his childhood that his Hungarian grand mother used to make, so I did some research and called a good friend who happens to be half American and half Hungarian, I got a recipe and after a couple of trials was ready to serve it and the verdict was: just like in Norman's memory. 
I was so happy to have "nailed it"!

13 March 2015

27 February 2015

Cakes for a cause

These 2 cakes were auctioned off at The Everett Chorale's Gala tonight

Gluten free orange and almond cake


Vanilla and raspberry cake with Swiss meringue buttercream

21 February 2015

Double chocolate love

White chocolate mousse over dark chocolate mousse with a "hearty" sugar cookie dyed with beet powder